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MUM PLANET - The Untapped Goldmine

Are you a young person looking to make a difference in your community and the world over, do you have particular ideas that you desire to share with the rest of the world and are you ready to be groomed into the elite of the world? Then this platform is the place to get you started.

Mun planet is an online community that comprises young people who share ideas on key global issues round the world in alignment with Agenda 2030 which is achieving sustainable development or all. Through the posts of the ‘Munners’ a name given to the community members; youths stay updated about different events happening in different Universities, colleges and high schools and also share experiences about different cities around the world.
 Among the key events shared on the platform are the yearly Modal United Nations conferences that occur in different universities and high schools on different continents around the world, not forgetting the fully funded opportunities such as scholarships fellowships and internships. So what makes MUNplanet different? What makes it the right platform for you to use of the so many out there?

The platform ( gives an option to the user to ask questions about the topics they are following and share ideas using the option of ‘answers’ to the posts by other people. Through the wide range of areas you can surely develop interest in a whole new field or specialty as the platform is a collection of so many expatriates in different fields of study. Actually, this is the only platform were you can ‘up vote’ a comment huh! There is so much more to this platform as it is not always business; you can make friends, get recommendations about different cities for vacations and also gadgets to own.

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