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UDS- Sustainable Development Goal Club Embarks On a Personal Hygiene Campaign

The Sustainable Development Goal Club of University for Development Studies (UDSSDG) on June 8th 2018 embarked on a personal hygiene campaign at Piisi Junior High school in line with SDG 3 which emphasizes on ENSURING HEALTHY LIVES AND PROMOTE WELLBEING FOR ALL AT ALL AGES.

The objective of the programme was among others: educate the students on what personal hygiene is about, practically demonstrate personal hygiene through washing of hands after using the latrine and how to care for the body during menstruation and use of underpants especially among the females, all in the bid to advocate and create awareness about the SDG’s.

Speaking to commentsafrica after the programme, leader of UDSSDG Club Mr. Jirjiri Joshua explained that “It’s much easier, less costly and more impactful to educate and train the young ones at the lower level on personal hygiene. Practicing or living a hygienic life is core to contributing to development. It breeds disease free population, more hygienic enough to contribute meaningfully to total development.” He further explained that the programme was in line with helping various communities in Ghana to meet the SDG’s as envisioned by the United Nations.
Proper Hand Washing Demonstration 

Members of the UDSSDG Club present also expressed their satisfaction about the programme and as well highlighted on various activities they intend to carry out in the Upper West Region of Ghana to raise awareness about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Miss. Abdul Rashid Rashidatu and Mr. Akolmolga Benjamin, who facilitated the programme expressed optimism in the youth as a conduit in helping to meet the Sustainable Developments Goals through various youth focused activities and engagements.

At the end of the programme, talk 8 out of 10 students randomly picked were able to explain what personal hygiene was and practically demonstrate some tips learnt. In wrapping up, the club donated a package consisting 10 exercise books to the selected students, as well as bowls, napkins and liquid soaps to help improve upon personal hygiene of students at  Piis Junior High School in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

Kindly follow the link to fill the UN MyWorldSurvey of UDSSDG 

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