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How Do you Convince an Employer To Open your Email and CV?

I get lots of Resumes/CVs by email everyday. Some tips:
Email address you send it from should be same as the one on the CV. Having a different email name from your real name is a red flag.
Capitalization is important. Please capitalize first letter of first and last name. The way you address me and what you write, will tell me how you will communicate with our customer, so it matters.
You are basically writing your cover letter in the email. So no ‘dear sir’, no ‘mom’, no ‘hey’. Capitalize first letters in a sentence and add paragraph spaces.

Please don’t send your CV to several companies at once, especially when you are showing all the email addresses in to: Spamming a potential employer is not the best way to elicit a positive response.
Send in pdf. Not only does it ensure that formatting stays consistent but other formats often come with viruses.
I get lots of CVs every week. Convince me to open yours. Email should be:

Should say who you are and what you want

If you met me somewhere and I said send your CV, remind me of where and when we met. Assume I met a hundred other people at the same time so something like ‘I was the one who told you about my AI project’
If you were referred say who referred you by name. Not “my uncle told me to send my CV.”
It’s better as:

“My uncle Kunle Jones, with whom you studied at Catholic University, suggested you might be interested in a profile such as mine at AppsTech.”
----------- Collated from Rebecca Enonchong Tweets.
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