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3 Skills That Will Give Every Professional A Competitive Edge

3 Skills That Will Give Every Professional A Competitive Edge 

Jeremiah Buabeng

1. Public Speaking Skills: One of the most heart-rendering spectacles you can ever witness is a professional who keeps fumbling on a microphone and cannot make sense on his feet. Not because he doesn't know his stuff but because he doesn't know how to communicate them. No matter the field you operate in, be it engineering, medicine, finance, sales, or architecture, being able to confidently address an audience is an asset that cannot be overemphasized. People who can ably speak in public are more likely to be selected for leadership opportunities than those who cannot. The world has the unfortunate weakness of interpreting eloquence as competence. Take advantage of it.

2. Writing Skills: being in the corporate world is an endeavor tied with "unpleasant" chores like report writing, proposal writing and all sorts of activities that have writing at the end. It is not uncommon to find professionals who can deliver results on the field but cannot capture those results in writing and therefore lose out on scoring high marks during job appraisals or opportunity seeking. Learning how to sell yourself on paper is a skill that is relevant for the person looking for a job (CVs), seeking sponsorship (Proposals), aspiring for a promotion (Reports) or marketing an idea online (Content marketing).

3. Grooming Skills: the reason why the same beans and plantain that sells for 3 cedis on your street sells for 30 cedis in a restaurant lies in one truth; packaging and branding. An intelligent and competent professional who packages him or herself in poor apparels shoots himself in the foot. Even before people will hear you or read your ideas, they have already formed impressions of you based on your appearance. Therefore be interested in your looks and invest in it. Men should learn how to wear their ties right. Women should avoid loud makeup that takes attention from their intelligence to their face. Man, what you are saying is great but we can't help but "admire" your unpolished shoes. Lady, people want to see the results you can deliver not the cleavage you have to display. Appearance is critical in the corporate world. If consulting a grooming consultant is too expensive, google it. You can find so much to read on the subject. Keep pushing the wheels of destiny.


By: Jeremiah Buabeng
CEO of Buabeng Communication

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