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You Are Not Yet A Man If You Can Not PRAY

You see, PRAYER is the most talked about Christian value but the least practice. Everyone of us prefer an oil over the head to two weeks of prayer activation.
I want to sound controversial, now go back to the Bible, you will notice that all the laws in there were given to men. In Eden, Adam had all the laws before Eve came around to help.

Satan knows men will have the key to freedom if they take to prayer. And that explains why he spends so much time in confusing us even about our own sexuality(gays)
Look, every advertisement on TV now, has a sense of driving the men into lust with a body of a woman.

For major crimes in this world, it has taken the backing of women for the men to commit them. Samson's stupidity was premised on the lure by a woman.The devil knows he can use the woman to achieve so much for him, that's why he never worries about women even going to church because the laws(keys) to living were given to the man before the woman arrived. (Man therefore ought to be teaching and guiding women on how to pray) Unfortunately, Its women who are taking over the responsibilities men should have been performing, its therefore no wonder  our churches have been filled with skirts for so long a time than trousers.

Brothers, Satan is after you and I. our only liberation is through PRAYER. I like a prayerful woman, but I revere a prayerful man- because he is rare!. A prayerful woman will break walls but a prayerful man can terrorize the terrorist in his own territory.

Gosh, Its too risky many of we guys believe prayer is for women, we believe prayer is for sissy and lazy men. Yes! we even believe only weak men pray. But hey, you are not a man, if you can't pray. Real men pray okay!

What have you done to be called a man? tell me? Until you can write the largest praise and worship book like David, you aren't a man yet.You said you are a man, have you ever killed a lion with your hands like Samson? Until then you aren't man. Until you can build alters like Abraham you still aren't a man. Look, Until you can bring your family together in prayer, forget it bro, you are not yet A REAL MAN.

Real Men go on their knees.
Real Men cry to God on their knees
Real Men work on their feet and pray fervently on their needs.
Will you now get on your knees in prayer to qualify as a man?

Prayer is for us.
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