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Treat The Enviroment Like Yourself. Adam Alale Moses

I wake up every morning thinking about how to solve major environmental challenges or problems in my country Ghana and beyond, human activities are having a lot of effects on the natural environment, the question i always ask my self is that, who is responsible to maintain and protect the natural environment?

Answer to this question landed me in the book of GENESIS in the bible, according to the bible GOD in his own wisdom created everything on the environment before creating human beings, after he created man he ordered man to take control over all creatures on the garden of Eden and also name them. Humans depend on the natural environment that is  why GOD created  human beings last in order for him to interact with the environment. It is duty for every one to maintain and protect the natural environment.

I often reflect on the saying "when the last tree dies the last man dies" this is a clear indication that humans cannot survive without the environment. We obtain materials and energy from the environment, in appreciation, man inflict burdens on the natural environment through our activities. One central question in environmental ethics is whether to think about  the issues such as over population, depletion of resources and pollution, in terms of its effects on the humans beings or in terms of changes to the environment itself or both. For example, pollution can undermine the quality of life and even human beings, but also has many effects on other species. Carbon emission from human activity appear to be an important cause of global warming, which is affecting almost everything on the planet one way or the other.

Humans use the environment wrongly,the fact that a particular plant or animal is of no use to you doesn't mean it is of no use to the natural environment, they also have the right to exist and therefore we must treat  them like we treat ourselves.

With the rise in the number of environmental problems that the world is experiencing today, there is no doubt that there is the need for the principle of environmental stewardship to be fanned in to flames among Christians or Religious leaders through the ministry and influence of Religious leaders (Muslims and Christians) Religious leaders have been placed by GOD in strategic position of leadership and influence in their various ministries and they can use this to move people towards God's environmental a agenda by their teachings, motivations and exemplary actions.

It is your duty, my duty, our duty to maintain and protect the natural environment.

Together we can make the environment sustainable

Written by:
Adam Alale Moses
Environment and Resource Management
UDS-Level 400
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