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THOUGHT ADJUSTER: The Universe of POSSIBILITIES at Your Disposal

“The universe of possibilities at your disposal is infinite. It is limited only by two things: 

Again, understand that this universe of possibilities is only limited in your mind and by your mind. Your mind is conditioned to accept only what you believe to be ‘real’ and ‘possible’, which is very little compared to the true reality. Therein lies the need to train your mind. Train it so you can imagine beyond what you imagine today, so you can believe beyond what seems possible. Train your mind. Expand it. Make it see. Make it believe. 

“This is an important task to attend to; it is necessary for the expansion of your possibilities. The universe is attentive to your mind, always attentive to create what your mind believes, what your mind imagines.If you want to achieve something, but in your mind you do not believe it to be possible, the universe will give you the reason why and it will not be possible. 

If you can imagine it and believe it, you can create it. 

When your mind is imagining and believing ideas that you do not want to materialize, the universe nevertheless takes action and materializes them, because you thought, imagined and believed them possible. Train your mind to think, imagine and create everything that you want to see materialized. Everything is possible, but you have to believe it. 

“I have given you a great power — your mind — and learning to use this power is part of your process on Earth. Lead it towards goodness, beauty, truth, growth, abundance, peace and happiness. 

All these exists. Imagine it, believe it and then live it.”

THOUGHT ADJUSTER: The Universe of POSSIBILITIES at Your Disposal THOUGHT ADJUSTER: The Universe of POSSIBILITIES at Your Disposal Reviewed by commentsafrica on October 10, 2017 Rating: 5

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  1. This is a fantastic piece of writing. Our imagination, our beliefs, these are our true tools to achieving.


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