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Do you have a limit?  Well, per your answer, remember:
The bear came to prepare David to face the lion.
The lion came to prepare David to face Goliath.
Goliath came to prepare David to face Saul.
Saul came to prepare David for the throne.
 God Allows Situations With A Difficult Appearance To Transport Us To Larger Places.
 When we reach our limits, God comes with providence.
 The limit of Moses was the sea but God split it in two.
 The limit of Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac but God provided a Lamb.
 Hannah's limit was her sterility but God gave her a son.
 The limit of Christ was death but God raised him up.
NOW WHAT IS YOUR LIMIT? Do you even have one now?
Whatever is the situation may God bless your life abundantly and that what is today your limit is tomorrow the instrument by which God will show you your miracle in your life.
 Do not look at your problem or the difficulties you live today as a limit, but as an opportunity for the manifestation of His glory in your life.

Have a Fruitful Sunday and be powerfully Blessed far Beyond What You Can Imagine.
God Bless You
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