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Ghana's Sarkodie graduates from PAUWES

It was all glee and bliss today at the University of Tlemcen Medical faculty auditorium in Algeria, where the first-ever Ghanaian of Pan African University of Water and Energy Science (PAUWES) WILSON OFORI SARKODIE graduated from the Energy Engineering Track. Sarkodie is the first ever Ghanaian to have graduated from the prestigious University based in Tlemcen, Algeria after being awarded the revered African Union (AU) Scholarship to undertake a two-year master’s degree in Energy Engineering.
WILSON OFORI SARKODIE was born into a humble family of five to Mr and Mrs Ofori Poku. He had his Junior High School education from Miss Duodu Junior High School in Bregoro, Eastern Region of Ghana before moving to Okuapemman Senior High School for his secondary education.
Sarkodie studied a Bsc. Agricultural Engineering at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, Ghana. He demonstrated tremendous efforts and growth throughout his years of undergraduate studies at KNUST. Mr. Sarkodie was always eager to learn new things and constantly made himself available to assist his colleagues. He is very hardworking, a good team player and processes very good interpersonal skills.  
His can-do spirit never went unnoticed during his tenure of office as the president of the Ghana Agriculture Engineering Students Association in the 2014/13 academic year at KNUST. He also served as a Research Assistant with the Brew-Hammond Energy Center at KNUST. At PAUWES, Sarkodie was equally vibrant in all activities relating to this class internally and externally. His affability and deeper understanding of various contextual frameworks made him loved by his entire class. This translated into his success as the class representative of Energy Engineering Students 2016/17 batch in PAUWES.
Sarkodie has participated in numerous seminars and workshops both home and abroad. He completed his internship at WASCAL in Burkina Faso where he acquired skills on Technical Tools for Water and Energy Sciences in 2016. He has also been to Bonn in Germany for practical workshops. Until graduating, he was a staunch member of the Multi Media team at the PAUWES community of Practice (CoP).
Sarkodie’s Masters in Science thesis was on “ASSESSMENT OF CROP RESIDUES FOR RURAL ELECTRIFICATION IN GHANA‑A CASE STUDY IN EJISU JUABEN DISTRICT” This fact finding thesis was under the supervision of Dr. Francis Kemausor (Senior Lecturer, Department of Bio-systems and Agricultural Engineering, KNUST) with Co-supervision from  Mr. Joseph Oppong Akowuah.
The elated Sarkodie speaking to commentsafrica in Algeria revealed, that he intends to go deep into entrepreneurship with special focus on energy in rural areas in Ghana and Africa. He also expressed sincere thanks to God for his protection throughout his stay and study in Tlemcen-Algeria as well as his parents, friends and classmates.
“There is greater opportunity for this generation especially the youth. It is imperative for the youth to tap into the numerous opportunities out there so as to be able to design and shape a better future for themselves and respective country’s” Sarkodie lamented when quizzed on his advice to the youth.
Don’t forget, Sarkodie enjoys gospel and hip-life as his genre of music, with Banku being his favorite food, as a skillful player himself, Sarkodie likes football as his favorite game. He is readily available to offer his advice and technical know-how to local and multi-national organizations, NGO's, Educational institutions,  individuals, etc. he can be reached via email;
Being the first Ghanaian graduate from PAUWES, the Ghanaian students in PAUWES clothed him with smiles and affection and took time to takes photos with him.
Below are some photos taken during the graduation ceremony of Mr. Wilson Ofori Sarkodie

Sarkodie beaming with smiles in the middle
Current Ghanaian Students in PAUWES with Sarkodie

Fellow Ghanaians and members of Community of Practice
Ghanaian students from WASSCAL who joined in the celebration with Sarkodie

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